B02-H068 Tachometer Hour meter

Product Number: B02-H068
Pointer or Numeric Display:
Gauge Size (mm): 57x36.5x13.7
Operating Voltage: CR2032
Operating temperature: -20℃ to +85℃
Mounting Hardware: YES
Instruction Manual: YES

Suitable for all types of gasoline engines:

  • 2 Stroke 1 cylinder/2 stroke 2 cylinder/2 stroke 3 cylinder/2 stroke 6 cylinder Gas Engines.
  • 4 stroke 1 cylinder/ 4 stroke 2 cylinder/4 stroke 3 cylinder/4 stroke 4 cylinder/4 stroke 5 cylinder/4 stroke 6 cylinder/4 stroke 12 cylinder/4 stroke 16 cylinder Gas engines.

Application:  Marine Engines - Inboards and Outboard Pumps, Generators, Lawn mower, Boats, Motorcycle, Scooters, Construction Machinery, Dirtbike, Jetski, Go kart, ...etc.