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52mm Vintage Gauge Series Battery Level Indicator

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  • 52mm Vintage Gauge Series Battery Level Indicator

    52mm Vintage Gauge Series Battery Level Indicator

    The RICO GV gauge series is an economical and durable design for monitoring how your heavy machinery vehicle's real time status.


    • Rugged air core movement
    • Universal fit
    • Supply with compatible sensor
    • Customizable appearance and functionality

Product Number


Product description

52mm Vintage Gauge Series - Battery level indicator


High reliability and small size. Display one cell at the time. Low power consumption. LED flash for low charge level. Easy to read 10 segment of LED bar display. Memory option to recall last charge level.


Simply follow our installation sheet.


A 10-bar LED displays the state-of-charge battery level, bar by bar, from full to empty. At 70% level of discharge, a flashing LED signals an "energy reserve" alert. At 80% level of discharge, flashing LEDs provides an "empty" status warning.


Used for forklift, golf carts, motorcycle, electric marine motors, electric bicycles, commercial cleaning equipment, and electric vehicle.

Place of origin




Black & White

Display range

10 bar-graph LED


52mm (cut-off diameter) x 36mm (depth)



Operating voltage

12V electrical system (ask for 24V, 36V, 48V system) ; 12V

Operating temperature

-20℃ to +85℃

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