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Why Air Pressure Gauge does not go back to ZERO when I deflate the air ?

Why Air Pressure Gauge does not go back to ZERO when I deflate the air ?

To see weather where the problem is, see followings for testing steps for reference. 

In this case, we described the case with Dual Air Pressure gauge. 
Scenario: Dual Air Pressure Gauge, top readouts stays at 2psi after deflation and does not go back to ZERO readouts. (Check the problem is from gauges, sensors, or air suspension system)

1. Turn the power ON. (After installation completed) Trying to re-occur the situation. 

2. Deflate the upper airbag to see if it stays at 2psi. If the readouts stays at 2psi, unplug the bottom pressure sensor and switch to the upper one. If the gauge can drop to ZERO, means the gauges and sensors are working. There is air left after deflation. 


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Q6: What is your terms of payment ?

A: 100% full payment in advance. For large order, please email us for more payment options.

What is an AIR CORE GAUGE ?

An air core gauge is a specific type of rotary actuator in an analog display gauge that allows an indicator to rotate a full 360 degrees. It is used in gauges and displays, most commonly automotive instrument clusters.

A typical automotive application is shown at the right. The air core gauge is a type of "air-core motor". It may be considered a "gauge movement" or "pointer indication device". 

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Q7: How long is the warranty on this product ?

A. Free Lifetime Technical Support & One Year Limited Warranty.
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Why does my digital pressure readouts fluctuate up and down?

Wiring the two 12V power line separately from the gauges to sensors.


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Q8: Can I apply to become a distributor ?

A. Yes, you can click here to fill out the distributor form. 

Do you supply replacement bezels as I have damaged mine ?

Since the bezels are actually machine pressed on, we do not offer them separately as an accessory or service item. We can replace a damaged bezel, but it would have to come into our factory in the Taiwan for that service.

Q9. What is your customization services?

Customization option:

Dial design
Illumination color
Bezel shape and color
Parameterization (input signals and warnings)

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