Battery Level Indicator


There are more and more electronic vehicles and equipments in our daily life due to benefits of electricity as a vehicle fuel. Hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles can help increase energy security, improve fuel economy, lower fuel costs, and reduce emissions.
This battery level indicator becomes an essential item that can apply on wide range of use.
Please see attached for our new item of battery level gauges in three kinds of style.

Indoor type:

Outdoor type:

High reliability and small size.
Display one cell at the time.
Low power consumption.
LED flash at low charge level.
Easy to read 10 segment of LED bar display.
Memory option to recall last charge level.


Used for forklift, golf carts, motorcycle, electric marine motors, electric bicycles, commercial cleaning equipment, and electric vehicle.
*12V, 24V, 36V& 48V(upon request)